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Contemporary Issue in Travel and Tourism

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Travel and tourism become of the important business where there are many tourist destinations. But this concept is varied in country to country. In the UK, there are many travel and tourism industry. It becomes one of the important sectors of government revenue. But with the development of the technology, environment, politic, law etc the travel and tourism are facing various problem. Some are coming as a merit and some are demerit. Those contemporary changes sometime become challenge to conduct the business properly. But the skilled authority and organization will try to find the advantage of those changes and try to make the best use the potentiality of the change. The author of this task is going to discuss about the various current change in the travel and tourism sector, the impact of these changes. He also tries to determine the strategy for the various firms and will justify the effectives of those given strategy. And the author will also provide some suggestion to make the best use of the contemporary change of the travel and tourism sector.

1.1: Analyze issue currently driving change in travel and tourism

With the passage of the time, the travel and tourism is undergoing a change. According to the Agenda 21 for the travel & tourism industry (2015), there are many changes and development occurred with the development of the world system and technology. Some change bears a great opportunity for the travel and tourism. And some are creating barrier to the proper flow of the travel and tourism. Titan Travel is one of the renowned travel agency of the UK. It has arranged domestic, inbound and out bound tourism for the fantasy people. Burt with the changing of the time, Titan Travel found that many things of the travel and tourism has been changing. Some recent change in the travel and tourism are discuss below

Rising cost of fuel: The fuel cost of the travel is increasing the various reasons. The increasing of the income, scarcity of the fuel, development of the infrastructure, demand of the fuel etc are the reason behind the hike of fuel price (Applegate, et al, 2014).. It has a great impact on the travel; and tourism. The Titan Travel takes a lower amount for the regional departure as a fare of the air. But due to the rising of the fuel, they have to take much money than the previous time. That reduces the number of the regular customer in the domestic tour.

Service level and competition: The service level of the travel and tourism are changing with the development of transport and infrastructure. Most of the travel and tourism has own vehicle and other transport facility. It makes a great competition in the market. Most of the travel and tourism agency try to provide better service top their customer. It has a great impact on this industry. For example: Titan Travel makes a door to door service by using their own vehicles for the transportation. That means the customer or the tourist did not have to think about the transpor5t or any other things.

Technological development:  The modern technology makes the world easier and better. The hotel, restaurant and transport facility are developing in the remote and local area. And there the tourist can get all types of service what they actually need. It has an impact on the tourist number. It increases the number of the tourist (Azariah, 2016). And people of all age are taking part o0f the travel and tourism. Titan Travel takes the advantage of the technology by booking the necessary residence and restaurant for their customer.

1.2 Analyze different current issue using appropriate methods and resource

There are several occurrence has happened over the world. It remains us the incidence of the Paris where many people had died by a terrorist. Regularly, those incidences have been occurring in any part of the world. This reduces the number of the tourist all over the world. And Titan Travel is not out of this area. Such incidences are reducing the fantasy of the tourism and make the travel. Some issue related to the recent time are discussing below

Severe weather:

With the raising of the world temperature, the weather is also changing. People over the world are experiencing unexpected weather. Pollution, carbon, drought, natural disaster, deluge etc make a change in the travel and tourism (Boniface, et al, 2017). Those thongs create a sever affect on the environment. In the African country, if the Titan Travel arranges a tour, the number of the traveler will reduce because of the changed weather. There in the summer, the temperatures of the environment become so high which become to tolerate by a European traveler. This incidence is similar to the counterpart people of the world.

Terrorism and counter terrorism measure:

In the Middle East, terrorism become a common phenomena, not only in the Middle East but also Europe, North America and any other subcontinent, terrorism become a common phenomena. Every year many traveler and tourist lost their live with the hand of the terrorist. On the other hand, there are many country of the world where there is restriction on the travel and tourism. And there are also some place where tour is strictly prohibited by the government and state. This reduces the number of the tour destination with the number of the tourist.

Raise and fall of inflation of international law:

With the development of the economic, tourist incidence, competition among the countries, finance of the country etc, the law, economic structure of the world is also changed with it (Callaghan, et al, 2014). Various sanctions on the finance, law and relationship etc reduce the number of the tourist place. By the inflation and deflation of the UK, Titan Travel will find it hard to make an expensive or long tour. Frequent government policy, procedure and regulation are has a great impact on the travel and tourism along with the agency like Titan Travel.

The tourist of the modern world is changing their choice, appetite and expectation. As the world is developing and trends is also changeling. Technological development, equipment development, thinking development, economic developments make the actual change. The trend of exploring the most ancient place, travel to develop country, make the adventure tour operation etc becomes the common trends of the present world.

Source: Schulz, 2018

As the choice of the lower income developed over the world are changing, they want o travel on the most popular place of the developed country. According to that concept, the number of the traveler of the UK is increasing with the passage of the time. The trends of visit aristocrat place become the result of recent change in the travel and tourism operation. In the 2017, the number of traveler of the UK was 39.9 million and within a year it reach on the 41.7 million

Source: Travel and Tourism under Pandemic Conditions, 2017

At the given statistic, the number of the adventure oriented tourism is increasing. As the technology and expectation are growing so mush, the adventure tour is also increase Technology helps to make the adventure easier and safe. In the above statistic, almost 50000 tourists are including in the adventure tourism in UK.

Executive summary:

The author of this report going to disclose the adjustment way of the weather, recession and other driving factor of the change in the travel and tou4rsim industry. Here the author also provides the strategy for the Whitbread company and justify the effectiveness of the strategy. By the various researches, the author will find it. In order to provide recommendation the author conducted this

3.1 Analysis the way by which Whitbread business could respond to change

When any firm starts a business over a long time, they become capable to adopt the situation any way. Whitbread is one of the old companies of the UK. They have various sector of business. Premier Inn & restaurant And Costa is of them.

During the acquit weather like snow in the Europe, any tourist did want to come out of the door. As sometime, any person can slip on the snow and become wound for that. Whitbread make an advertisement of enjoy the snow and lower rate for that (Eliot, 2016). The tourist who is not conversant with the sown they will be agreeing to see that. On the other hand, during the recession in the international market, Most of the people have less money. Then the Whitbread will call for the cheap rate or the domestic tour for the tour fantasy people which helps them to adopt the change in a batter way. And take the advantage of the change in the travel and tourism. In order to remain safe and cope up with the increasing number of the terrorism, the Whitbread is try to arrange the tour where the number of the terrors rate is very lower or nil (Ellis, 2008). They have premier Inn in the India, Germany, and UAE where the number of the terrorism rate is lower

3.2 Develop strategy on how Whitbread business could respond to change

The author of this report provides a strategy on the Whitbread business regarding the respond to change in the recent time. The author provide a clear strategy of it and it is discuss below

Time consideration:

In order to make efficiency for the service providing to the customer, the Whitbread must have to consider the time. The plan has to a specific period of time. After the time period, the Whitbread should have to analysis the result and take further step whether the plan will be applicable for the next time or not.

Formation a coalition:

 Premier Inn and Costa along with the other division of the Whitbread must create a coalition in order to provide the proper and better service to the customer (Franks, 2009). The work and responsibility those divisions have to divide with the responsibility.

Create change vision:

 The mission and vision of the Whitbread have to change with the new strategy. The vision should be transfer from the expansion of the business into the quality service to the customer. Premier Inn have to the vision of the ensure accommodation and exclusive food for the tourist (James, 2016). On the other hand, the vision of the Costa will be providing the coffee of different taste and style along with the competition of the Starbucks.

Communicate vision:

Here the Whitbread maintain two different division of the service. And the vision of those two divisions is different. But the work should have to coordinate with the mainstream of the firm.  The employee of the premier Inn and Costa coffee should have to inform about the vision of the firms by the Whitbread. This will help the employee to work for that vision.

Short term win:

The authored make a short term plan and measure the plan for the result. The authored ask the Costa authority to make a different blend for the market research. After that the author measures the result. If it becomes popular among the customer, the firm will continue that

Institutionalize the change:

 It indicate the making culture of the successful step of the strategy. It is the last steps of the strategy making (Kadesch, 2017). In the strategies of the Premier Inn and Costa, the successful one will have to continue in the upcoming time of conducting business.

3.3 Justify strategic for how selected Whitbread Plc business could respond to change

The author of this report provides a strategy for the Whitbread Plc where the author provides some stage. Here the author will try to justify the strategy of the organizational context. Those are discussing below

  • Time consideration of the Whitbread Plc will helps to divide the work into some category. When the concern authority tries to measure the work and analyze the feedback, it will greatly help the authority of the Whitbread Plc. For the efficiency and effectiveness, time consideration is very important.
  • Coordination of the work, support, coalition of the work will helps the employee of the Whitbread Plc to finish the work fully and in better way (Kappraff, 2012). That way the author of this report gives urge on the coalition of the Premier Inn and Costa.
  • For the new strategy, new vision setting is mandatory. Without changing the vision of the Whitbread Plc, new strategy could be inconsistent or their strategy will not be better according to the vision.
  • It indicates to inform about the mission, vision to the employee of the firm along with the various department and division of the Whitbread Plc. As the work needed to coordinate to measure the efficiency of strategy
  • If the plan will be succeeding, the employee will be motivating to work according to the given way (Kippenberger, et al, 2009). So, the author will take a short term plan which provides result in a short time. This pilot test will increase the speed of the work.
  • Institutionalize the change will only be happened when the formulated strategy will be see the face of success. Otherwise the strategy will be repeal. Institutionalize will helps the firm to use the strategy in the coming financial year or session.  


The author of this report provided some recommendation. Those are

  • After the market analyze and Whitbread Plc analysis strategy must have to taken
  • The market information and organization information must have to adequate fro strategy setting
  • Proper process must have to maintain rigorously.
  • Strategy must have to participatory of the both division of the Whitbread Plc
  • Criteria must be set before measuring the output of the strategy.

Executive summary:

 The author of this report wants to demine the impact of the recent change in the travel and tourism sector. How those are impacted the travel and tourism industry? By the analysis of the various changing factor of the travel and tourism, the author try to find out the result. And the authors do that to provide a recommendation of overcoming the adverse situation.

4.1 Analyze the impact of issue and trends that drive change in travel and tourism sector

Trailfinders is one of the largest tour operation limited of the UK. They are facing various change and consequence of the change. Some impact of the contemporary are discuss below

Improper infrastructure:

There are many people who have a fantasy for exploring unknown. When the fantasy tourist finfish all of hi desire, he will try to explore the unknown. But the newly discovered place will be improper infrastructure or there could be no infrastructure (Levene and Loizou, 2010). Firm like Trailfinders who are conducting tour around 30 country, face the problem to filling the satisfaction of the tourist. For example: an individual tourist wants to visit a place where there is no infrastructure and it is newly discovered. Here the Trailfinders face the great problem.

Taxation and Rising cost of fuel:

IN the recent time, the cost of the fuel and other thing are increasing. The taxation of the tour operation is also increase. But the tourist did not pay any heed of it. On the contrary, they want for the cheaper rate of the tour. For example: a team wants to Germany as a 7 days tour. Before 2 year they spend 400£ but in those year the cost is double. For the increasing of the fuel and other cost, this rate is increasing. This increasing cost makes the tourist dissatisfaction to the tour operation. 

Service level and Lack of differentiation:

 Most of the tour operation of the UK, providing the similar package. As they want to provide the best service to the customer. This similar are only occur for the development of the technology and concept (Papantonopoulos, 2009). It reduces the number of tourist. For example: Trailfinders and Thomas Cook provide the same package and service for a definite tour Which make the tourist in great difficulty in choice.

4.2 Discuss the likely consequence of business falling to respond to market change

Trailfinders are regularly facing various challenges during the tour operation. The system and economy of the tour operation, UK is best choice. But when they conduct business out of this region, they have to face the challenge of business falling

  • When Trailfinders try to meet the challenge of the business falling respond, the firma have to sacrifice many things. Most important things are profit for the firm. Those responses increase the cost of the service providing (Sanchez, 2012). The increase rate of taxation, increasing of the fare of vehicles, customer demand regarding the service taking etc is making the reduction in the profit margin of the Trailfinders
  • When the Trailfinders try to provide service in a better way, but did able to cope with the cost and other restriction, it hampers the goodwill of the Trailfinders. It creates a bad image for the firm. But the tourist did not know about the reason behind the reduction of the quality of the service of the same amount (Sarcar, 2016). These are the likely consequence of the


The author provides some recommendation regarding those impacts of the current change. Some are given below

  • Ensure the utilization of  the change
  • Try to make exceptional; package to competitive wit the counterpart
  • Gather the customer opinion during the destination selection
  • Complain, suggestion and opinion of the tourist after the tour must have to take for the betterment of the tour operation
  • Consider the business falling respond for the firm like Trailfinders very rigorously to sustain the business.


The author of this task finds out various sides of the travel and tourism. In the contemporary change and its impact is determine by the author of this task, the author provides a strategy for the Whitbread Plc. And the author showed the justification of that strategy. The author also got the impact of the changing weather, terrorism, increasing cost of various necessary things, government policy etc and ultimate consequence in the travel and tourism industry. Business falling to respond to market change way are also find out by the author.


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