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Information Systems and Big Data Analysis: Case of McAfee and MS Office


Many business organizations all over the world especially those based in the UK spend billions of dollars every year on information systems and computing. From them, many companies which are related to the banking and security sectors emphasize more and more on computing and information systems (Trianita et al., 2020). To conduct present-day’s business information management, big data and many analytics tools are so important. In recent days, the demand for computer technicians is increasing to operate any business smoothly. This assessment mainly on the different types of information systems and about big data which are important for every company to operate their business smoothly.   

#1: Description of theories, methods, and techniques of McAfee and MS Office

McAfee: McAfee is a computer security software company headquartered in California, USA. Intel purchased this software company in 2010. The founder of this software company is John McAfee and the company was named by the name of the founder. McAfee is a worldwide company and more than 6900 numbers of employees are working here all over the world.

In any computer up-to-date antivirus, web security software, firewall is protected strongly with the help of McAfee security scan plus and it’s a free diagnostic tool. McAfee protects computers and other devices notably more recently mobile phones from different types of viruses (McAfee et al., 2016). Some programs which are unwanted in any computer device, Trojans, malware- McAfee security scan plus scans all those.

McAfee is an excellent and one of the best antivirus software and worth the investment for any computer user. This computer software can keep secured and safe from any other online threats and different types of malwares. Any computer user can use this software and available in a browser extension, in a web and mobile app.

For using McAfee software users need to download it first and then have to open McAfee. Then users have to click Mac security then click on run a scan. After that users have to select the type of scan which the user is going to run. And finally after having the user’s choice the person has to click scan to start the scan.

MS Office: MS Office or Microsoft office is known to computer users as a set of computer applications used for conducting business and many offices all over the world. These computer applications help people do basic office activities and develop the productivity of work. There are so many computer applications and everyone is made for doing a specific task. Organizing emails, management of data, word processing, presentation making are some main tasks of Microsoft office (Trianita et al., 2020).

There are so many applications in Microsoft office, some of them are Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Publisher applications. The different application does different task like- Microsoft word or ms word is something by which users can type. This application’s purpose is to allow every user to type along with that save the written document (del Carmen Capote, 2013). As a Microsoft Office application, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. For creating girds of text, numbering, and specifying calculations. Microsoft PowerPoint is used to make presentations for a different purpose.

#2: Explanation of the system of DSS with a relevant example

DSS or decision support system is a kind of information system that helps a company’s decision-making activities and supports business in different ways. This system supports the leaders of many companies making decisions about problems like unstructured and semi-structured decision problems.

There are many DSS applications and the management and development of the complex anti-terrorism system are one of them. Other examples also can be included here like- a bank loan officer verify the credit of a loan seeker, an engineering firm that has bid on some projects and can understand with their costs are competitive or not (Chan et al., 2017).

Explanation of the system of ESS with a relevant example:

ESS or Executive Support System is a kind of software that allows users to transform the different types of enterprise data in quickly accessible. ESS is a kind of management support system that helps and supports senior executives in making decisions making and information.

External database, government policies, market reports, consultant’s technical reports, confidential information, financial reports, and information are the main example of Executive Support System.

Explanation of the system of TPS with a relevant example:

TPS or Transaction Process System is a kind of information processing system for many business transactions including retrieval of all transaction data, modification, and collection. The main characteristics of TPS are consistency, reliability, and pest performance. A transaction processing system is operated by a computer that records the day by day’s transactions necessary for conducting business.

Employee record-keeping, hotel reservation system, shipping, sales order entry, etc are the main example of Transaction processing Systems (Trianita et al., 2020). TPS system is very important to operate most of the business smoothly.

Explanation of the system of MIS with a relevant example:

MIS or Management Information System is an information system that is used for many purposes like- coordination, analysis, decision making control, and information visualization in a company and marketing department. In an organizational purpose management information system involves technology and people (Trianita et al., 2020).

There is some common type of management information system including human resource management systems, inventory control system, process control system, office automation systems, finance and accounting systems, and so on (Tripathi, 2011).

Explanation of the system of KSM with a relevant example:

KSM or Knowledge Management System is a kind of system which is used for using and applying knowledge management principles. This system does many activities like- business intelligence analysis, data-driven objectives around business productivity, a business model which is competitive, and so on (Trianita et al., 2020).

Online community forums, customer service knowledge, department-wide knowledge management sectors, research, learning management systems are the main example of the knowledge management system.

# 3: The definition of globalization:

Simply globalization is a process by which goods and people on this planet move easily across any kind of border. Mainly, globalization is an economic concept that is related to markets, trade, investment, sharing services and products between one nation to another. This term is used for describing the interdependence growing of the global economies, world populations, and different types of cultures. Globalization is mainly the spread of information, technology, products, different type of jobs across nations.

Through globalization, the corporate groups in many developed counties can gain every competitive edge. Developing countries in Asian and African countries also are benefiting from globalization. In globalization, there is a big thing that is questionable that is the positive effects of globalization are not distributed without differentiation.

Globalization is really important for every nation even every human being because without it the present world will be standstill and there will be no progress, no development, and people of the world will be lazy. Globalization has changed the way of interaction among people and has changed business strategy. Mainly globalization has changed the character of economic functions among many countries. Now the business is not limited to a nation rather spread worldwide. Quality of life has improved for those who stay in developed or developing nations because globalization touches there. Globalization has improved many sectors in different countries like- health care, road and transportation, education, communication, and so on.

In general, the manufacturing cost of every product decreasing day by day because of globalization. That means many national and international companies now offer goods to consumers at a very price because the company can produce their thing at a low cost. The lower cost of any product is a key aspect for getting a standard of living. Previously consumers could not access a variety of goods because at that time consumers had to purchase products at a high cost (Trianita et al., 2020).

There are many types of globalization—cultural globalization, political globalization social globalization, technological globalization, ecological globalization, geographical globalization, and economic globalization. Economic globalization focus on international financial markets, financial exchange, and so on. Economic globalization also focuses on coordination among companies.

Effects of IT on globalization:

IT or information technology facilitates a huge exchange of information from one country to another. Besides that, information technology expanded sources from many countries all over the world. This expansion helps to understand and leads to new products and new ideas.

Globalization had come at the beginning of the 20th century with advances in IT or information technology. Information technology was the key factor for creating universal integration of different types of global markets which make up globalization.

The rise of personal computers eradicates another main barrier which was restricting globalization. The invention of WWW or the World Wide Web is another important indication of globalization which is also a part of information technology (Akrivopoulou, 2012). After inventing WWW the

the world is changing rapidly and globalization is upgrading. Fiber Optic Cables, the invention of workflow software, and so on helped behind globalization (Couldry et al., 2015).

In summary, IT or information technology plays a very important role in globalization and has become one of the main parts of business strategy. Information technology provides the different types of support to make a global marketplace.

 # 4 :The definition of digital infrastructure

Digital infrastructure is very important to operate any business in the modern world. Digital infrastructure indicates to digital technologies give the foundation for any company’s information technology and functions. Digital infrastructures are also known as framework infrastructure to many people, are those elements which have exact capabilities of giving support for urban management. In cities, digital infrastructure is a set of elements that are crucial when it comes to accommodating city management to a predominantly digital atmosphere.

Digital infrastructure is very necessary for operating a business because with this a business organization can reach more and more people (Couldry et al., 2015). Besides this digital infrastructure helps any organization to reduce production costs. For inclusive economic and social development, any social and economic institution must apply digital infrastructure.

Advantages of digital infrastructure: 

Digital infrastructure has a great positive impact on doing business and other activities. There are so many advantages to using digital infrastructure and from there some are mentioned below—

Brings all kinds of information:

The digital infrastructure has brought almost all kinds of information. This system has increased the accessibility of people and centralized different type of data (Gran et al., 2019). For example, people now get an immediate answer by using computers and mobile phones taking no time (Couldry et al., 2015).

Increases ability of communication:

Digital infrastructure is increasing people’s communication skills. In the pre-digital era, people had not had notable communication ability when they communicate with each other. But now people easily can communicate with each other because the era of digital infrastructure is going on and people are taking the help of it.


Opens up a new world of opportunity:

At present days the digital infrastructure has opened up a new world of opportunity especially when job seekers try to find a job. Besides that, if somebody wants to launch a business using an online platform digital infrastructure helps the person. So operating own online business a person must need the help of digital infrastructure and it’s one of the amazing new advantages.

Increases commercial competition:

In the present era, there are so many advantages of digital infrastructure and increasing commercial competition is one of them. By using digital infrastructure the consumers can easily know which product is better for them with lower cost. In the pre-digital infrastructure era, consumers were hesitant to purchase most of the products and they had to buy each and everything following the company’s demand of charge (Couldry et al., 2015).

Disadvantages of digital infrastructure:

Along with so many advantages, digital infrastructure has some disadvantages also. Some disadvantages of digital infrastructure are mentioned below–

Risk of losing control of assets:

Sometimes digital infrastructure does not have authenticity and reliability as it falls at the risk of losing control of the human asset. Occasionally, The human asset is unsecured because of digital infrastructure.

Negative impact on real life:

Leading a smooth and real life is very important for every human being. Life will be ineffective if there is no reality in a human being’s life. Digital infrastructure also harms social skills.

Weakens the strength of the community:

Having the strength of the community is significant for the human being. Any particular people of any community cannot live with brave if there is no strength. One of the greatest disadvantages of digital infrastructure is this weakens the strength of the community.

digital infrastructure has many obvious advantages for example- increased commercial competition, ability to share information, accessibility to any kind of information, getting the answer without taking any time, etc. However, there are also some disadvantages. So, overall, digital infrastructure is beneficial to the people (Couldry et al., 2015).

# 5:  Risks of information system outsourcing

Outsourcing is a kind of business practice in which a business organization third party to do organizational activities, conduct operations, and give services for the organization. These hired people almost all the time outsource information technology services. The people who are appointed for a company do different types of activities like- programming, giving technical support, application development, etc (Zhu, 2016).

Information system outsourcing sometimes can cause many problems. Some risks of information system outsourcing are mentioned below—

Inexperienced staff:

All business organizations expect experienced staff to operate their business smoothly. Experienced staff can handle all the existing tasks very easily. For the progress and development of any company, it must need experienced staff. From few problems of information system outsourcing inexperienced staff is at first.

Loss of control:

Having control in any business organization is also significant to get the high profit of any business organization. If any business organization loses its control, then never reaches its destination. Losing control is another one of the greatest problems of information system outsourcing.

Leaking strategic information

Strategic information is always a secret issue for any business organization. In a competitive marketplace, the leader of any company hides any kind of strategic information because it works behind the development and progress of any organization. By the information system outsourcing sometimes strategic information is leaked which is unexpected for any business organization.

 The reasons why IT infrastructure is so critical to digital transformation

There could be some reasons behind why any business will want to transform digitally. But most probably the reason to take digital transformation way is that it is needed at present days. IT infrastructure or information technology is very critical to the best digital transformation process. The IT infrastructure is so critical because it’s the basement of any business organization’s entire IT system. Information technology infrastructure is all about connecting companies to their most important applications (Couldry et al., 2015).

The leaders in many business organizations are embracing digital transformation because this is the key factor for success. A recent survey has shown that 80 percent of business leaders in the United Kingdom believe that to support digital transformation their company is restricted. For that reason, IT infrastructure is so critical to digital transformation.


In conclusion, it can be said that there are different types of information systems and it is the most significant part of any business organization. By using a different type of information systems, a leader can promote and develop his company. In the present competitive business world, the information system is mandatory.


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