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The reasons why people take drugs


A drug is the substance that is used to curing from the disorder and drug has physiological effect in the time of ingested introduced into the body. There are basically two types of drugs such as legal drug and illegal drug. Alcohol, caffeine and tobacco are the example of the legal drug in UK that has to be particular quantity. Cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin are the example of the illegal drug where this is the harmful for health. Psychoactive drugs are the drug that has directly impact to the human central nervous system that brings change the human mood, behaviour and thinking as well. People are the main user of drug user where there are many reason behind this. In this essay, it will be going to show the reasons of the taking drugs. The prevalence rates of drug and the addiction related theory will be also discussed. There are various attitudes toward drug use that will also show here.

 Critically analysis the reasons why people take drugs

Expose the reason why people take drugs

There are different forms of substance abuse where this can be happened for various reasons to abuse the drug. In the time of addiction, the nature of it is different and the intensity many be varied from one thing to another. There is some common reason behind the people addiction to drug use. This reason can be found through the conduct of the observation of the behaviour of the addicted person as well. Drug can destroy the power of analytical and the power of rationality where the reason can find by observing. So the reasons behind the addiction of drug are as following-

Legality: Nicotine and Alcohol are the legal object to UK where there is no regulation and the method of prevent the drug addiction. There is estimation where it showed that around 88,000 people have died from the cause of the Alcohol-related problems where alcohol is the cause of death of large portion of people (Abtrs, 2018). People basically use this for developing wrong concept among them such as removing the stress, anxiety and others.

Prescribed Medication: Sometime the doctor’s prescription makes the problem where the people think the doctor has provided the proper medicine that can be safe for them. But there are some medicines contain opiate that has possibility to be addicted and the addiction is like the drug such as Heroin. A research conducted that there are about 30% of emergency room admissions have been possibility to abuse for the prescription of opiate-based substances.

Fitness: The trend to be fit is found to most of the younger and the teenager. The people use or consume drugs to keep and remain fit in. It is common that most of the younger and teenager has rebellious in this regard (The Jennifer Act, 2011). In this case, the younger and teenager have no knowledge and little bit knowledge about the drug addiction and the severity of the drug usage and impact.

Depression: There are many people who are fallen in depression and the person does not get the proper treatment for the problem or diagnosis where does not get the proper support for solving problem. In this case, the people struggling with depression have trended to take medicine from self-esteem to solve the problem based on the symptom of depression. Here the people take Alcohol, heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana and others that are related to the mind altering substances.

Peer Pressure: The other reason for drug addiction is to that most of the younger and teenagers have influenced to the peer, group or others where they use drug to keep fit. But they do not know this well about the bad impact. The pressure comes from the person who is already addicted to the abusing the drug or alcohol where the younger and teenager do not think about the around logically (The Jennifer Act, 2011).

To Feel Good: Most of the cases, it is seen that people used drug or alcohol as their want and they start to abuse drug and alcohol as they feel that this is good or feel to fine. The stress, pressure, mental unhappy can be gone out during addicted in weekends to feel better in a entrance to various addictions.

Availability: Alcohol, Nicotine and drugs are very available to get and these are very easy to access to get from the source readily. A pack of the Cigarette and a bottle of Vodka can easily get where this is can consume the life and become addicted (The Cabin Chiang Mai, 2012). If here is lower possibility to get easily then the people can less use this and less possibility to become abused.

Experimenting: This is the condition where people are curious to the unknown things. Few substances that help to Mind-altering such as Cocaine and Alcohol are going to exploring the experience and this is going to the worsen condition. Heroin, Ecstasy and Meth are so attractive where there is also higher possibility to addict quickly as the pattern of abuse that leads to an addiction.

Self-Medicating: This is the main reason why people abuse drug or Alcohol. People from their origin from different background are subconscious about the drug usage. People want to be keep well and cope with the situation by use drug free from stress of everyday life. For this reason, they are quickly addicted to the drug.

People’s perception: Teenagers and young adults think that drug is easy and this is easy to handle and control. This is easy to rationalize but it is too difficult. The entertainment and music console a person that full of drug is all right as the references that can seem to use willingly (Radcliffe and Stevens, 2008). The perception is wrong and the people and their family background is responsible to this with addiction as there is no family member addicted.

Painful Memory Removing Purpose: Many people use drug as per their removing memory where drug has the healing power where people can be logic less and losing as usual nature of human mind. So, the people who take drug can reach their purpose and continues taking drug makes the people addicted that can damage human being.

Examine Prevalence Rate

Prevalence refers to the condition of widespread and its particularity to incidence. This is the measurement of the number of affected and the possible number to affect within the time duration. The drug abuse rate has to be understood along with the social trends. To identify the nature and the condition, the policy has been developed with the current drug strategies. The identifying the condition the aim is to make policy. The policy data has to be changed overnight. The best practice can be performed due to understand the real nature and condition. The illicit drugs have harmful impact where it is also illegal for sale, buy or distribution. The illicit drugs are cocaine, heroin, marijuana and others. The Prevalence Rate of drug is as following-

Drug misuse deaths hospital admissions – According to NHS (2018), there are about 8,621 hospital admissions who are comes for taking primary treatment for drug related mental health with behaviour disorders in the year of 2015-16 that is 6% more than the previous year and the rate is also higher compare to the year of 2014-15. Rather there are about 15,074 patient admitted to the hospital for the case of the poisoning by illicit drugs that is 6% more also then the previous year but dramatic rate to the year of 2005-06. The statistics also show the comparison of male and female and males are more vulnerable group where 75% are them and rest 25% are female. One third of the patient are belonged to 25 and 34 years.

Figure: Mental and Behavioural Disorders Hospital Admissions at Primary level

Source: NHS (2018)

The rate of admissions is higher in North West whereas 100,000 populations are affected 38 and 13 respectively for male and female. The Liverpool city is most admission rate where about 70 per 100,000 populations. The number is going to 81,904 people in case of the secondary related admission (NHS, 2018). The sex ratio was 70 male and rest 30 are female. From them 15, 074 hospital admissions are affected by the illicit drug where the ratio of the male and female are 54% and 46% representatively.

Drug misuse deaths involving illegal drugs– The report is also showed that the number of the death patient with drug misuse are 2,479 registered. The rate is 10% higher than the 2014 and 48 percent are higher 2005. The death people are belonged to the age of 30 to 49 years (Andreasson and Allebeck, 2016). The gender of the incident is male 76 percent and the rest 26 percent are caused to death.

Figure: Drug Misuse Deaths

Source: NHS (2018)

The cause of the death has been tried to find out where 79% of deaths around 1,964 people are cause of Accidental poisoning by drugs where most of them are male persons in 2015. 4 deaths had occurred for the assault by drugs.

Figure: Particular cause of Deaths

Source: NHS (2018)

Drug use among adults– The report is published a threaten news that the adults age 16 to 59 are risky group where 1 person takes illicit drug from 12 person that is 8.4% in last year. This is conducted among the 2.7 million people. This is as similar as before but this is the lower in quantity compared to the decade ago.

Figure: Drug usage 16 to 59 years

Source: NHS (2018)

The adults belong to 16 to 24 year is also taken the illicit drug where this is also threaten because 1 person taken from 5 that is around 18.0% (NHS, 2018). This is conduct among the 1.1 million people. This is also as similar as before but this is the lower in quantity compared to the decade ago.

Figure: Drug usage 16 to 24 years

Source: NHS (2018)

Type of drug usage– Men who are under 16-59 can prefer more the cannabis than the women’s about 9.1 % of men and 3.8% of women. The powder cocaine is also favourable such as men 3.3% compared with 1.2% women and men 2.2% compared with 0.8% women like ecstasy.

Figure: Type of Drug Usage

Source: NHS (2018)

The drugs smuggling rate is also higher where the drug is crossed the border hidden inside vegetables, paintings, ornaments and others. The Officers has found that there is around £500,000 worth of cocaine packed (NHS, 2018). The policy for controlling has to be promoted that is why the activity becomes decrease and the police are now seizing more cannabis on the streets.

Theories of Drug Addiction

The three models of the theory showed that the cause of people addiction to drug or the cause of substance abuse to use the term. The terminology model is as following-

  • The disease model
  • The physical dependency model
  • The positive reinforcement model

The discussion about the theoretical model is as following-

The disease model: At the primary stage, a person is affected to the alcohol or other drugs are treated as the sinners or criminals that can be mitigated by taking health from the courts or the church. In the end of the 19th century, addiction is considered to the diagnosis excessive drug use that comes to systematic in 1950s with the activity of the WHO and AMC that declared the alcoholism as a disease (Kenyon, 2018). The primary symptom is to change the behaviour and attitude as well that are controlled by the behaviour. The treatment is essential and important than punishment.  

The main shortcoming of this model is to ensure the indicating or the one catches diseases of the physical dependency model.

The physical dependency model: This model or theory about the drug addiction is exposed that the certain drugs symptoms withdrawal appear in the case of the incident happening with the incident happening such as discontinued, retain from use, and others. The symptom is compensatory reactions that are the totally opposite to drug where this is also opposite to the effects of the drug.

The withdrawal effects are not beat as the welcome and pleasant where this is reduction the impact that would be negative reinforcement constitute way (Boyatzis, 2008). Negative reinforcement has the logic and fact the cause and the reason of use drug and cause of addicts. There are some addicted patient that will be endure withdrawal symptoms to minimise the tolerance so that it can be lower price that is less to purchase.

Positive Reinforcement Model: The main area of discussion is to search the properties to reason of drug use and addicted to drugs. This the addictive drugs considered to the positive reinforces where this can conduct to learn the new responsibility and can control the existing behaviour and attitude. Here it is believe that the behaviours related to the taking an addictive drug can be increase in probability (Kenyon, 2018). The reinforcing properties of drugs can be understood by applying to the animals where the testing has to be conduce claiming. This is enough conventional reinforcers where this can support to examine the drugs in animals reinforcers support. If the drug can maintain the response from the animal then it would be reinforcing stimulus. It is thought that animals are also addicted to drugs but this is rejected at present because the animal can learn new things in case of injected drug to their body.

Attitude toward Drug addicted

Public attitude to the ‘drug addicts’– The report is showed that this may be more sympathetic to the concept of an individual ‘drug addict’.

Government attitude to the ‘drug addicts’- The government is also concentrate to the drug use. The boarder passing through smuggling cans hindrance the drug (ScienceDaily, 2018). The policy for controlling has to be promoted that is why the activity becomes decrease and the police are now seizing more cannabis on the streets.


In conclusion it can be said that there are many reasons to be affected to drugs and drug affected is not good for health. The repost showed the threaten situation of the drug addicted. The younger and teenager are the most vulnerable group where they can remain the critical point. The good policy making and implementation of the policy can ensure the best outcome. The illicit drug producing and import has to be hinder and smuggling has to be checked properly as well. If everyone understand this, then it will be better for implementation related to the government represented body.


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