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What is Internet Marketing?


Now this is the world of very competitive business. In order to grab the wide range of market and survive in the industry, there is so much need of new strategy or technique. For this purpose the concept of internet marketing emerged in large extent. Basically, internet marketing means the advertisement and marketing efforts that use web and email in order to lead the direct sales process through electronic commerce. Internet marketing also uses traditional technology which was used in past as the mode marketing such as Radio, Television etc. For the purpose of sustaining in the competitive market, companies want to make reach of the products to the door of the customers via opt-in email where the specifications of all types of products are described. Now-a-days as the new mode of business technique, internet marketing is getting very popularity.

1.1  Explaining the elements of internet marketing:

According to (Armstrong and Kotler (2012) there are various types of elements in internet marketing which are regarded as the vital components and they are known as the newly emerged strategies in the world of marketing. The elements of internet marketing are described below:

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is referred as the umbrella term for the purpose of making marketing of products or services through using digital technology. That can by the means of internet through Smartphone, computer and digital advertising mode (Blythe, 2013). Basically, digital marketing involves search engine optimization and search engine marketing so that the customers can easily get come at the products in details.

E-commerce and e-business:

Generally e-commerce and e-business is regarded as the buying and selling of services and goods by the means of various types of networks such as internet. The concept of e-commerce and e-business is used interchangeably. In this system the companies always try to make reach of the products information to the customers and payment is taken through online for example, Medium Blue Search Engine which works worldwide by using e-commerce and e-business.

Internet micro-macro environment:

Micro and macro environment refers the economic condition of the business area of the internet marketing. In micro environment there are various types of factors such as customers, employees, suppliers, competitors, shareholder and media. On the other hand internet macro environment includes some factors such as social, political, economic and technological (Chaffey, 2000).

Benefits of internet marketing:

In many ways, internet marketing is very much important in the new arena of marketing because of this new way the customers feel more comfort in taking the purchasing decision. The benefits are:

Reach: Basically in internet marketing the gap between the customers and the sellers is reduced. The products can easily get reached to the customers.

Scope: The scope of internet marketing is very large where all types of employees and customer are interacted.

Interactivity and targeting: This includes segmentation of the employees on the basis of some criteria that helps to attract the employees.

1.2  Evaluation of the internet marketing mix:

Internet marketing is the procedures through which the products or services are delivered to the customers through online. Internet marketing mix involves some matters or components for the purpose of betterment of the online marketing system. I think that the following segment has evaluated the aspects related to the internet marketing mix:

Product and branding:

Product and branding is the life of a company like Smart Restorations Limited. Companies always want to prioritize to the making known and popular of their product through using internet server so that their products branding can be done in high extent. This is most important in internet marketing. The key disadvantage in Smart Restorations Limited will face while conducting internet marketing is the lack of direct interaction with the customers and make them understand regarding the utility of the products with physical presence of products and customer at the same time.


This is about where the customers will get the products easily. In internet marketing the products are available in online which are very convenient for the employees. Virtual organizations do business here. But there are some problems such as; sometimes the customers can be cheated by the fake sellers (Blythe and Megickks, 2010). The key disadvantage of internet marketing mix in terms of distribution decision is the lack of customer confidence on the online distribution channel. Smart Restorations Limited should take advantage of virtual delivery network by creating strategic alliance with local distributors so that within the shortest possible time the order made through online platform can be executed by the local distributor.


This is about setting price of the products so that the customers can be satisfied enough to buy products. This is very important to draw attention of the customers. So, companies should be very aware about the setting price. The key advantage of adopting internet marketing mix to design pricing decision is that customers can make comparison of a particular product with the products of market rivals and take their buying decision (Bloch, 2011). My opinion is that Smart Restorations Limited can provide a comparative pricing chart to facilitate the customer to take their online buying decision according to the price preferences. It considers the key limitation of e-Pricing strategy that customers cannot compare the product utility with the offered price due to lack of physical evidence of the product to the customers.


Promotion of product is important to make the products popular. If the products are promoted then, the customers can easily know about the products and buy those. But sometimes promotion of products can be in vain due to little consciousness. The key disadvantage of e-Promotion activities is that the e-mails sent to prospective customers might be considered as spam mail and for this reason; the customer might not get notified about the promotional offers (Brassington, 2012). Again, the customer might choose the opt-out option to not get notified about the promotional offers conducted by Smart Restorations Limited. 

Regarding the above discussion marketing mix is very much important. In case of product and branding a company such as Smart Restorations Limited should provide qualified products, the place should be easily reachable, price should be minimum and the promotional activities should be integrated to online marketing. (Dunay and Krueger, 2010).

I agree with Dunny and Krueger and therefore my opinion is that Smart Restrictions Limited follows this segment to established promotion in marketing mix. 

1.3  Comparison of the internet marketing tools, e Tools will be used:

Internet is not an individualistic matter; it has some elements and components. Internet marketing works based on some kinds of tools those help the internet marketing to take the company in the proper place. The marketing tools can be compared in many ways such as:


Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to make internet marketing. This usually enables the company such as Smart Restorations Limited to make introduced more and more to the vast number of the customers.


Now-a-days in the Smartphone’s this way is using vastly in order to fulfill the activities of internet marketing. Companies make app and through that they make advertisement of their products to the customers.


Facebook is in now the most popular social network which is used by the people throughout the world. By the means of Facebook companies post their advertisement in the some specific groups or pages and those are shown to the customers or buyers (Hudson, 2002). Facebook e-marketing platform can be compared with other social media platform such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ etc. On the other hand, Twitter is good for starting conversations with customers.  The key advantage of conducting e-marketing activities over Facebook instead of other social marketing platform that Smart Restorations Limited will get is the access to diversified prospective customer groups.

In addition to, there are some other ways of e-tools of internet marketing they are e-mail, twitter, SEM and so on through which the customers are attracted by the advertisements of the companies such as Smart Restoration Limited. Though they are used vastly in internet marketing, there are some differences among them.

Best e-marketing option of Smart Restoration Limited:

Smart Restoration Limited can use Facebook to conduct its e-marketing activities. On the basis of the likes of the Facebook users to different pages, preferences of the prospective customer can be identified and customized marketing activities can be conducted.

1.4  Examining how the interactive order processing will work:

Defining Interactive Order Processing

The concept of Interactive Order Processing can be defined as the online based marketing activities where by using online platform, the customers make the order for their desired products and according to the customer order, the order is executed (Cateora, et al. 2012). The basic difference between traditional order processing and interactive order processing is in terms of the interaction between the customer and the service provider.

Like Blue Search Engine the internet marketing companies create some simple pages in their own websites where the companies show their products and prices in details. Then the specification of the products is seen by the customers in any place. In this case the order processing of the business company can maintain its common system. The steps of interactive order processing have been discussed below:

Figure: Interactive order processing, Source: Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, (2012).

  1. According to Jones and Silverstein (2009)at the part of the ordering process, firstly the customers see the products and their price. If the customers are willing to the products then they make order of the chosen products to the company through online.
  2. After that process company such as Smart Restorations Limited ask some question to the buyers through online such as quantity, size of the products such as office furniture materials. When the company gets the answers then they ask for payment.
  3. According to Jones and Silverstein (2009)after getting payment companies ensure their service to the relevant customers through doing home delivery.

2.1 Demonstrating of the mechanics of search engine marketing:

Basically, search engine marketing is regarded as the type of internet marketing in the business that generally increase the total amount of the visitors of the website of the concerned company such as Smart Restorations Limited.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered as the system or procedure through which various types of search engines such as Google, Yahoo ensure the visibility of the company’s product at the top list. For example, different strategic approaches such as local search, image search, academic search and video search can be adopted to ensure highest visibility of a particular site. The main concept behind this initiative is to ensure maximum visibility which will ultimately convert into real customers for the company (Hooley, et al. 2012). At the matter of online shopping most of the customers use some kinds of key words to find out their wanted products at that time they find some company’s name at the first list and some others at the frequent lists. In these cases, SEO make sure the availability of the company’s website link in the first list.

Through search engine marketing, the real and prime purpose of internet marketing is fulfilled. For the purpose of good marketing processes, this can be very beneficial. Because not only online advertisement is enough for marketing but also its presence to the people is very vital (Juon, Greiling and Buerkle, 2011).

2.2 Showing of a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter written:

As the part of internet marketing companies sometimes send opt-email to their segmented customers or the buyers regularly or irregularly for the purpose of strengthening their marketing purposes. Generally in the e-mails there are some descriptions such as the special offer, low price rate for the specific customers, special gifts on buying some definite products etc. By this process the companies want to strengthen their business activities rapidly (Ramahi, 2010). A copy of suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter is given below:

Dear honorable customer,

Subject: Some special offer for you on our some products.

Sir, 2016 new stylish and fashion- incredible for few days and the stock is very limited. Most attractive office furniture is now available with the special offer.

On the buying the office furniture from our company, you will get 50% discount till 16th December.

Your regards

Lelie Mann. Managing Director

Smart Restorations Limited.

2.3 Follow guidelines for best practice in online public relations:

In the present competitive world the working companies must follow some kinds of specific guidelines in order to make better performance and get popularity. For the purpose of accomplishing the goals public relation is the best way. This can be gain through marking of internet. In the business activities one of the best capitals is public relations building to the concerned companies. For fulfilling the purpose the company such as Blue Search Engine Company uses some basic steps such as, SEO, SEM or PPC.

For the purpose of building Public Relations (PR), the company must have followed some specific guidelines such as monitoring and supervising about how much viewers are actually visiting the website. In day to day life, the company must take update about the performance (The Jazz Discography Online 2008).

Examples of Online PR Tools:

Email, social media, online newsletter, blogging, online chatting etc. For example, by using social media PR tool, real time interaction with the prospective customers can be ensured (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). These online PR tools ensure feedback based communication system. Emails are used for the purposes of communication. For example, requesting information from the other people, send file with low costs, keeping in touch with friends, applying jobs and scholarship and connecting with business purposes.   

In addition to, the more and more promotion of the internet marketing tools should be ensured. The promotion of search engines and the social medium should be done effectively. 

2.4 Demonstrating about how businesses can use new digital media communities:

Defining Digital Media Communities: The concept of digital media communities can be defined as the use of software applications, websites and other information technologies to share information and make interactive communication (Kerin, et al., 2012). For example, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, messenger, whatsapp groups etc. are common platform of digital media communities.

Blue search engine company can use new digital media like file sharing to the online focusing the company’s aims and objectives. In this case it can let the company know actually what its customers think about itself. The company can make usage too new digital media for the purpose of better improvement and attraction of the new customers or buyers for the business organization. In addition to, for the purpose of building of the better relationship and link with the customers, the company can make usage of the digital media.

In the process of using new technology like digital media through various kinds of social media such as Facebook, twitter the ability to make target of the particular groups is very important way. This allows the business company to target definite groups that may often in particular locations. For example, by creating Facebook group where only the employees of Smart Restoration Limited will be member, a common platform to share organisational knowledge and information can be ensured. Again, real time communication between the management and the employees of Smart Restoration Limited can be ensured.

On the other hand, chat rooms and technical support can be used by the company for the purpose of new and digital media uses for the development further for the business organization such as Smart Restorations Limited (Zimmerman, 2003).

This task is connected with the buying and selling company named Smart Restorations Limited which deals with refurbished office furniture systems. By the wide market research, this company takes to know the customer needs and prefer the customer relationship management. Market research is very important to develop the customer satisfaction and make the real customer for any organization.   

3.1 Conduct secondary market research to gain an understanding of the industry:

Secondary market research refers to the customer relationship in Smart Restorations Limited inducing with government agencies, trade associations or other businesses in Smart Restorations Limited. There are some purposes uses this secondary market research such as government agencies, industry, trade association, labor unions, chamber of commerce, media sources etc. Secondary market research generally published in newsletters, trade publications, magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets.

Smart Restorations Limited uses the secondary research to know the customers behavior in different place to place assess the value of customer according to this research. The selected manager must obey the issue to conduct the secondary market research. At the first step, Smart Restorations Limited need to collect the government census data to know the some factors like as number of people, ages and occupation in their place. After collecting the census data, the geo-demographic data must be collected by specialist agencies. Then prepare the commercial market research reports from different market. By the online research communities Smart Restorations Limited uses this data to recover their market. In this stage, Google insights and trends can makes the positive conduct for searching their product in here. On the other hand, blog can help to advertising Smart Restorations Limited services and the customers find this information from it.

According to Bajpai (2011) there are different types of research. All of this the quantitative research is the best for Smart Restorations Limited. This research has inquiry into an identified problem following on testing a theory that measures with numbers and analysis using statistical techniques. Customer research is a part of marketing strategy of Smart Restorations Limited. This research helps to get the feedback of services and easy to take the perfect solution for recession. To encourage the customer relationship management, Smart Restorations Limited needs to collaboration with customer and advertise by social media. This process follows the CRM systems by collecting data from all customers’ contacts and transactions process.  By this online tools help to assess the customer satisfaction and Smart Restorations Limited established the customer relation management (Aaker, Kumar and Day, 1998).

After conducting the secondary research on the furniture company in UK, following aspect are found,

Company Name: Barker and Stone house

Website: https://www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk/

Main Feature: this organization sales the furniture a package, like it organization bed room with furniture as package rate. For office, guest room, dining rooms are decorated with all types of furniture. This organization sales only new furniture, no exchange facility or old furniture is not available here. This organization builds its brand as package furniture’s for home and office. This mainly focuses on cost effectiveness and styles products.

Website Name: Gumtree

Link: https://www.gumtree.com/dining-living-room-furniture/uk/used+furniture

Feature: this is a interesting platform in UK were you can sales and buy new and old furniture for home and office. This is an online market where furniture are show by the price and date with all they key feature of the furniture. One can purchase furniture e here by creating account here. Sales of old furniture are also available here.

Recommendation of Smart Restoration:

After analysis these two furniture selling company, it can recommend for the Smart Restoration that, this company need to launch e lucrative website as an online market along with the physical store. Here company need to show the furniture with key feature and price. Furniture need to categories here based on the old and new. This company needs to maintain strong customer relationship management though social network and CRM to build a position in the customer mind.

3.2 Design an online survey to understanding what stops shoppers from buying online:

The design an online survey has created for web forms with database include with question and answer. The customers used this survey for win a prize or registration to the selected company. This survey has been design by customer satisfaction and value by the Smart Restorations Limited. The survey targeting the selected people who are needed this service from Smart Restorations Limited. Smart Restorations Limited makes offer to fill in this survey by online (Luck and Rubin, 1987). By this online survey, Smart Restorations Limited enhances the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty base. In this survey there are many information about the customer and company are included. Here is a sample of survey based on Smart Restorations Limited:

  1. How you know about Smart Restorations Limited?
    1. From your friend
      1. From newspaper
      1. From social media
      1. From advertisement
  2. Have you ever visit Smart Restorations Limited?
    1. Yes
      1. No
  3. Have you sell any product in Smart Restorations Limited?
    1. Yes
      1. No
  4. Have you buy any product in Smart Restorations Limited?
    1. Yes
      1. No
  5. Rate your satisfaction about the service in Smart Restorations Limited?
    1. 1-4
      1. 4-5
      1. 5-7
      1. 7-10
  6. Satisfaction about Smart Restorations Limited service?
    1. Dissatisfied
      1. Full satisfied
      1. Neutral
  7. Which payment method do you use most often when buying product in Smart Restorations Limited?
  8. PayPal
  9. Debit card
  10. Maser card
  11. Visa card
  12. How often do you buy products online?
  13. Quite often
  14. Extremely often
  15. Moderately often
  16. Not at all often

3.3 Demonstrate how the use of electric customer relationship marketing can be managed and analysis customer interactions:

CRM: CRM or customer relationship management is a process to maintain long term customer relationship to gain maximum customer life time value in exchange of product and service. To maintain relation with customer many organization now maintain separate customer relationship department.

ECRM: Electronic based customer relationship management is a update process to maintain customer relation by using technology and advanced media of customer relation including, email, social media, website and mobile technology (McDaniel and Gates, 2005).

ECRM and CRM are correlated with each other; ECRM is an advanced mode of CRM. Here one uses modern technology to maintain CRM management. Without proper establishment of the CRM, ECRM may not be effective to maintain customer relation (McDaniel and Gates, 2005).

Electronic customer relationship marketing (E-CRM) is the system of internet based technologies like as websites, emails, chat rooms, forums etc. This is very good-structured and coordinated system that automates work in marketing, sales and service. In online shopping, customer satisfaction is the most important consumer reactions and it influence to build up customer loyalty, manage to repeat purchases and development of companies market share.

Sales force software helps to make the automates business tasks like as sales processing,  control of inventory, tracking of customer interactions, analyzing sales forecasts and performance in Smart Restorations Limited. It is very important to implement the new and existing customers in Smart Restorations Limited by electric customer relationship management. There are new and unique concept must be added in Smart Restorations Limited website to attract the new and old customer. When the approaches is very high and attractive the customer must be open this website and see the services in Smart Restorations Limited.

There are some ways to innovate the incentivizing customers such as announce new offers, one product buy and get one free, daily offers, 15% to 50% discount with service free, online discount for new customer etc. Smart Restorations Limited makes embrace by their customers. The customer goes to Smart Restorations Limited’s website then the whole information must be saved in server. It is very effective for the company. By this data, next time Smart Restorations Limited can contract with the customer. Besides, collaborative CRM helps to enable valued customer interaction across the channels and understand the overall process value(McDaniel and Gates, 2005).

E-learning can help to understand the quality management in Smart Restorations Limited. The employees take this advantage to learn the market strategy of this company. In this process, Smart Restorations Limited CEO gives the motivation for the employees by e-learning.    

The total process has to protect from any virus or third party issue. So Data Protection Act 1998 must be follows in this process. The security and trust makes the value of Smart Restorations Limited.

4.1 Produce an outline internet marketing plan:

Internet marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web and email to drive direct sales by electronic commerce as well as it marketing with radio, television, newspapers and magazines. At the present marketing system, internet marketing plan is very effective way to encourage the customers to buy the product. So, internet marketing plan outline for Smart Restorations Limited must be improved by situational analysis. The key performance indicator can measure the effectiveness of taken actions for Smart Restorations Limited. KPI helps to identify the traffic metrics such as clicks, click through rate (CTR) and cost per click.

There are mainly five steps regarding the internet marketing which has been given below in details.

  1. Situational analysis: Situational analysis refers to the customers, competitors, markets etc. These kinds of elements study the marketing strategy.
  2. Tactics: When tactics are taken then various kinds of matters are considered. The tactics should be related to the business goals. The taken decision should be according to the budget.
  3. Measure results: The probable results should be measured as one of the business strategy.
  4. Analytics: Everything should be analytical for the purpose of the marketing success.
  5. Review: Lastly the plan should be reviewed exactly. For getting the expected results the plan should be reviewed and the work should be analyzed.

In addition to for producing the outline internet marketing plan, Smart Restorations Limited needs the SOWT analysis that gives in below:

It helps the business to reach out and relation with the people on a large scaleIt’s the way to target the customer and reach more audience at a cheaper rateGood approaches for the customer Strong connection with the peopleObligation of customer dataStrong brand name in industry  There are a lots of people cannot use internetNon maintenance of legal regulations  A Challenge to reach the population which is still not using internet.    Need to deep understanding of changing human behavior and requirements.Exit for profitless country
Increase the reach of Smart Restorations LimitedLeading to direct profitTo improve the technology for CRM activitiesGiving advertise on the websiteAffiliate marketing in e-commerce Opt in email campaigns      Have a big problem in the present marketing position.Storage of data with full security is a still big question markReflect the internet process during the loss of informationStiff competition from market    

E-CRM helps to understanding customer’s behavior. This can helps to maintain the Smart Restorations Limited works in the internet market. Online market plan developed by the object setting in Smart Restorations Limited. To manage the separate brand identify for Smart Restorations Limited and maintain market share of this company. So Smart Restorations Limited needs to develop the customer satisfaction by their behavior (Simkin, 2000).

4.2 Create a presentation on pay per click advertising:

References: Hofacker, C. (2001). Internet marketing. New York: Wiley. Jones, S. and Silverstein, B. (2009). Business-to-business internet marketing. Gulf Breeze, FL: Maximum Press.Introduction: Pay-per-click is generally regarded as the internet advertising model which is used to lead traffic to the certain websites. In this process the advertisers pay to the publishers for the ads being clicked. Pay Per Click advertising: Now-a-days the pay per click advertisement is getting so much popularity in large extent. In many cases it increases the total viewers, amount of sales and ultimately huge number of profit. For the sake of Smart Restoration Limited it will be effective enough. For the cause of advertisement the furniture products will be highlighted so much and the company will be benefited in great extent. There are some characteristics of Pay Per Click advertising such as the advertisement should be attractive, in nutshell, relevant, informative etc. Conclusion: Like Smart Restoration Limited this approach are emerging as very effective now-a-days for other organization. For this approach the viewer will be increased and the company will be benefited enough and the website owners will be motivated enough.
How Smart Restoration Limited can use pay per click: Smart Restoration Limited should improve the CPC Bid and quality of score at firs for holding the first position in the Google search pages. For improving the score, the way of keyword search should be developed effectively. In this case the company should be very creative. The company should improve click through rate or CTR quality score by dividing the advertisements into fragmented groups


Internet marketing is very important for the e-marketing business in the whole world. It is the global way to connected all customers at one frame. At the final stage, Smart Restorations Limited must follow the selecting process that describe in the task and maintain the internet based marketing to enhance their business. Describe the daily update and share the offers by the website to encourage the customers for Smart Restorations Limited


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