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Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care

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Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care


Health and safety is the essential factor in the organization where it ensures safety to the employees and promotes the health and safety to the health care organization. The employees’ safety is essential where an organization has taken various strategies to apply safety policies to safe the employees at workplace. This assessment is going to show that the health and safety legislation is applied in health and social care workplace. Then the way of health and safety has required impact on the customer and the participator in health and social care organization. Finally it is needed to monitor and review of the health and safety in the health and social care organization. The given scenario is on the Aldgate East Care home as the workplace.

systems, policies and procedures put in place to ensure effective communication of health and safety in accordance with legislative requirements

In order for the health and safety legislation to be effective, there must be different ways in which the policies, systems and procedures are efficiently implemented.

A safety and health management system is the part of the organizational management system that covers the following-

Legislation linked to health and safety:

What issues should review of the health and safety management system cover?

An organisation should carry out an initial review of the health and safety management system and this review should compare existing health and safety practice with:

The legal responsibilities of the employers:

the responsibilities in a specific health and social care workplace for the management of health and safety in relation of organizational structures

Policy Statement specific to my workplace at the Village School.

Under the health and safety at work act 1974, it is the duty of an employer to have an up to date written statement of health and safety. This general policy must be complemented by an educational setting policy statement. Adapting the model policy is the best way of a school complying with statutory duties (Hasson, 2010). In the absence of a policy, it would be difficult to demonstrate compliance.

Statement of Intent

  • Outlining the schools commitment to providing a healthy and safe environment for all users of the establishment:
  • Staff, pupils, visitors and contractors;
  • Ensuring adequate allocation of resources (including time, effort, training and money) to safety, health and wellbeing;
  • Creation of an educational setting health and safety action plan.

Organization (Role and Responsibility)

The organisation section should describe the roles and responsibilities and include an organisation chart of key personnel, for example;

  • Governors;
  • Executive head;
  • Head of school;
  • Those with responsibility of specific areas or activities which may have been delegated to them e.g Heads of departments;
  • Other employees and any volunteers

Head of School has responsibility for;

  • Co-operating to enable with LA and safety governing policy body to enable health and safety policy and procedures to be implemented and complied with.
  • Communicating the policy and other appropriate health and safety information to all relevant people including contractors.
  • Ensuring effective arrangements are in place to pro-actively manage health and safety by conducting and reviewing inspections and risk assessments and implementing required actions (Reeves, et al., 2011).
  • Ensuring all staff are competent to carry out their routes and are provided with adequate information, instruction and training.

The procedure for joint management should be detailed. It is recommended that Health and Safety is included as a standing agenda item at relevant staff meetings. This enables you to demonstrate communication lines which are in place, enabling staff to participate safety.

It should be decided whether you require a safety committee in the establishment. Where such a committee exists, then you should describe briefly its constitution, functions and how frequently it meets.

health and safety priorities that are appropriate for a specific health and social care workplace setting

Organizational Structure:

Figure: Organizational Structure

The above organization structure has shown where Board of Director and Medicine Doctor/ Managing Director are staying at the top of the organization where they are responsible to hire employee and overseeing the operation of the organization (Szczepura, et al., 2014).  The manager

The Supervisor has supervising the task and activities of the employees. The Staff has done all the tasks that are instructed from the higher. The visitor has taken the service where they have to expose themselves as per requirement.

The Health and Safety Priorities in Health and Social Care:

For Residential Care Home:

  • 24/7 caring
  • Observation
  • Monitoring
  • Support (physical and mental)
  • All the facilities: games, activities, leisure activities

Nursing Homes

  • They promote physical and finical health empowering mental well-being;
  • Providing fun propose;
  • Administrating medication prompted;
  • Compassion and promoting assistance.

Supported Living

  • Offering care in service;
  • Protecting control;
  • Protective equipment;
  • Fire safety,

Referred Home for Supported Independent Living-

9-5pm observation at the village school, my workplace, the main priorities are:

  • Accident and incident Recording and Reporting
  • Children with Additional Needs:
  • Display Screen Equipment;
  • Electrical Safety;
  • Fire Evacuation and Other Emergency Arrangements;
  • Administrating medication;
  • Fixed play Equipment;
  • Gas safety;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Infection control;
  • Lifting and handling:
  • Lone working;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Vehicles.

These are also relevant to:

  • Supported Living;
  • Nursing Homes;
  • Residential Cane Homes and Hospitals.

If the priorities are not place:

Any concerns or damages must be immediately reported of a health and safety competent individual

Assessing the risk:

Risk assessment involves considering the passible results of someone being exposed to a hazard.

Identify the factors that may be contributing to the risk, for example care practitioners not being aware of die legislation-this would be extremely dangerous, putting themselves in danger and also, the service users1 lives,

Review health and safety information;

Identify the action necessary to eliminate on controlling the risk.

To give effective service to the customer and the work participator, there are various required ways in health and safety in workplace. The risk assessment information helps to make care planning of an individual and organizational decision-making. There is the link between aspect and the health safety policy and related to won work experience. The relevant example on dilemma applies on health and safety policies. There is the effect of the non-compliance with health and safety legislation in health and social care.

how information from risk assessments informs care planning for individuals and organizational decision-making

The care plan means the communicating process and organizational activity that is changed the environment of the employee workplace to give effective service to the client. The care plan has to make under considering the risk assessment that is the essential part of the health care practice. The organizational activity and the care service can be improved with the indicative of the care plan. The care plan has met the health care needs, safety and security of the employees and workplace (James, 2011). The betterment of the organization considering the risk assessment information, the plan has made to reduce the risk. The risk assessment information has accumulated to make a plan and make organizational decision using the P.I.E.S as following-

Clients Assessment What StandsSupportResponsibilitiesAction Taken
P-PhysicalIt helps to develop the physical condition to do something.The social and care practice supports an individual physical disabilities in health care.A person gets support at home through health and social care setting because organization has basic responsibility.The organization has taken action to overcome the disable situation and support an individual.
I-IntellectualThis helps a man to think critically.  An individual sometime failed to critical thinking.Needs to support an individual to think critical and relating to the intellect.Proper therapy and physical exercise regularly can develop the situation
E-EmotionalThis is emotions and intense feeling of a person.Support in mental processGive the emotional support at home and workplace. The personal consoling and negotiation can overcome
S- SocialIt helps a person to relate to societyTo keep touch with the social organization and activity.Help to correct and take part in engaging to the social organization and activitiesThe social needs and activities have measured and try to engage the person

Risk assessment is the thoughtful identification of the quantitative or qualitative estimate of risk related to the workplace situation that may be harmful for particular people. After identifying, the risk has analysed and evaluated in health and social care organization. This risk assessment is essential for care worker to make a plan to identification of the problems in health care. The challenges in the workplace can be revelled through the risk assessment (Harris-Kojetin, et al., 2013). The risk assessment helps to make care planning for an individual and organization to take decision making in healthcare and social care organization.  

the impact of one aspect of any health and safety policy with my health and social care work experience

There are various aspects of the health and safety policy and every aspect has the particular impact on the health and social care organization. The policy are Manual Handling, health safety policy, food hygienic, risk assessment, communication policy, information control policy, safeguard policy, inspection control Policy and others. Working on the Aldgate East care Home, I have taken the risk assessment aspect of health and safety policy with my own experience in health and social care. This has importance in health and safety policy for getting the better activity in personal work experience gathering to the health and social care. Based on the risk assessment approach, the organization can find the information about the risk and by making plan on the productivity, employee motivating, maximum utilise of the resource and skilled employees (James, 2011). Aldgate East care Home is my health and social care organization where I gathers work experience. The care manager and others have come forward to identify the risk in Aldgate East care Home where I have identified five key points of risk. This risk assessment has identified the potential hazard that increases various problems in Aldgate East Care Home. I have also evaluated the risk assessment with other care worker. The risk assessment process in as following-

Risk Assessment

Potential HazardWho is at riskRisk RatingPreventative Measurement Responsibilities
Data protectionOrganizationExtremePrevent data from going third partyTo save data from exposing
Care Service Service userLowGive proper service according to legislationOrganization has to provide care service according to law
Employees’ skillOrganizationHighArrange training, workshop and othersEmployees’ skill development is arranged by organization. 

According to Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999, the organizational has legal duty to assess the risks in health and social care organization ensures the safety of the employee. The legislation is enacted where the organization is failed to ensure the safety of the employees in workplace. Health and Safety Regulations 1999 identifies the process of employees in working place. According to the regulation, the employees must know about the first aid box and uses of first aid equipment that can teach through the arranging training. The challenges are the most of the employees sometime do not understand when it applies and the first aid box sometime becomes workless. The first aid box has to change after internal time and the regular training has to arrange.

how dilemmas encountered in implementing health and safety policies can be addressed?

Dilemma is a conflicting situation where an individual becomes stressed in due of fact that a decision that is undesirable. There are various dilemmas happed in health and safety policy that has impact on the developing of care home. The ethical dilemmas have seen that cannot be solved to make satisfy everyone. The dilemma encountered to apply in health and safety policies addressing with conflict approaches as following-

Approach-approach Conflict: This conflict is happened to attain a single from two desirable or attractive goals. For example- A skilled employee faces difficulties to join similar quality health care organization where both organization call for joining.

Approach-avoidance Conflict: This is the conflicts happened on attaining one goal engaged to both positive and negative effects that makes the goal attractive and unattractive both. For example- marriage is the decision that has both positive and negative aspects (Anglin, 2014).

Avoidance-approach Conflict:  This is the conflict where an individual must choose one from two that would be undesirable or unattractive. For example- The unwanted house chores is the decision of Avoidance-approach Conflict.

In health and safety legislations, the resource allocation and the risk assessment is also impact. The legislations have protected the dilemmas in health and social care practices.

the effects of non-compliance with health and safety legislation in the health and social care workplace

The legislations have impact on the operation and activity happened in the health and safety of Aldgate East Care home. The government of UK has tried to implement the health care legislation in health and social care sector. The non-compliance effect on the legislation is varied from one the organization to another in health and social care.

Financial: The finance has great impact on the organisational activity where legislation has also impacted on the workplace. Health and safety at work Act 1974 shows that the employer has to protect and ensure safety in workplace. Related to the finance, the legislation and policy has made for proper and better workplace by the employer (Pearn, et al., 2008).

Legal: The legal aspect and law has impacted on the workplace. The public health act 1983 shows that the care home needs to give service and treatment to general people. Non-compliance and betterment of people will work for security.

Physical: The physical issues are followed the document policy where it ensures the better and standard service to reduce the problem of workers.

Health: Health safety of employees is the important issue for the employers in workplace. In Aldgate East Care home, the employee has ensured personal security to do various activities in workplaces.

how health and safety policies and practices in workplace

Key PointOverview
        Monitor and Review       Audit of Risk   Reviewing of Practice:       Learning from experience:   Updating of policies and procedures:Service User: What is the way of monitoring and reviewing the policies and practices about health and safety? Service Provider: The way of monitoring and review as following- The problems and the activity has to monitor properly for getting proper treatment to the service user and the process has to be under control for ensuring safety. Aldgate East Care home can also communicate with the service user to understand their service proving issues and problem where from this get feedback (Pearn, et al., 2008). For better health and safety, the organization can monitor and review the effective service applying the legislation according to the need of service user. The risk audit can minimize the risk and helps to take proper action for delivering the better care service to the patient. Aldgate East Care Home has to review the service quality when the care home provides it to the patients. This is the good initiatives and good practice. The practice is also important because it has improved the patient mental health and psychiatric illness. Service User: Do your employees learn from experience and concentration to update policy? Service Provider: The employees learn from experience and the policy has to updated as following- People can learn something from making mistake and gathering experience. The learner has to learn from experience in health and safety at workplace. The policies and procedures have to update for ensuring the better health and safety. At present time, various issues are get and solve by following and making policy.
Positive Health and Safety Culture:   Individuals:   Teams:         Organizational Level: Own Contributions:Q9. the effectiveness of health and safety policies and practices in my health and social care workplace in promoting a positive health and safety culture Service User: What is the effectiveness of health and safety policies and practices in my health and social care workplace? Service Provider: The effectiveness of health and safety policies and practices as following- The culture about the care delivery system positively has various kinds of issues of patient such as age, behaviour, illness and others (Mensah and Julien, 2011). These are the significant for the care home health and safety on the decision making process and policy development as well. The risk assessment of an individual helps to develop the policy and process that is essential for health and safety. Patient age, illness, mental conditions, behaviour and other information are under considered. Aldgate East Care Home has given service to the user in health and safety priorities in workplace where the employees need to ensure training for maintain work engaging to the team for employees’ problem. Service User: Do organizational level and the personal contribution impact on health care? Service Provider: Personal contribution and organizational level discussion are as following- Aldgate East Care home has to ensure safety to the employees to the workplace for safety. Fire safety, fire exit and other issues are important for care worker to keep safe them form danger. The safety implement has to give as key priorities to health and safety. Health and safety issue is included to the safety implement for the employee in workplace.
                Responsibilities:   Training:   Compliance:   Communicate with patients and various agencies:own contributions to placing the health and safety needs of individuals at the Centre of my workplace [P3.3] Service User: What is the evaluation of the personal contributions to ensure health and safety? Service Provider: Working in Aldgate East Care Home, the author has some responsibilities to give service to user. The contribution is regarding to health and safety to the patient and service user of the Aldgate East Care Home that are as following-   To take care and communicate with the patient is the main responsibility where this is supportive to the other employees and organization. An individual get proper service about the health and safety (Hutter and Amodu, 2008).. To minimize the risk and promoting the safety, the training has arranged and willingly the author participates there for better service providing purpose.  To maintain an organization, it is needed to maintain the safety policy where the author helps to organisation maintaining the rules and regulations. The better and effective communication has established with patients and various agencies for ensuring the safety in workplace (Hutter and Amodu, 2008). The other agencies such as doctors, nurses, stakeholder and others are related to the effective in giving service where better communication is established.


In concluding remark, it can be told that the health and safety has great concern to the health care organization. The principal and policy on health and safety have exposed here for better outcome. To keep better and remain better the organization, the legislation and policy has to proper implement in health and social care sector. The monitor and review has also great impact on health and social care organization to health and safety. If the proper legislation, policy and procedure can be implementing then it will get better performance.


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