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Sociological Context of Health and Social Care

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Sociology is the study of discussing the cumulative problem that faces more than one person in particular society. In health and social care, social perspective is the system where understands different social approach to realise the social equity as well as equality properly in health and social care sector. The social factor and the culture is also a part of the society and all the people are same considering to behaviour, culture and nature. The people make a good communication where makes new social forms to share common feeling and emotion to other similar guys. Being conscious about the social fact, people are also conscious about their right and issues about health and social care. Social service has been constructed from people’s idea and planning for health and social care behaviour.

1.1 Political, Social and Economic Constructs used and the meaning of social construction.

Political, Social and Economic constructs are important to analysis for exposing the people of the specific area and the condition of people in society. Demographic factor related to the people is also important to analysis to understand the special group of people in the society where exists district nature of people and issues. These constructs have been as following-

Political constructs:

All the people in the society are directly or indirectly influenced by the political construct. It is important factor where the position of people has been nominated and the people kept their position in the society which makes the inequality in based on the political system in society. For example- The political powerful people get more access and facility compare to the general people (Heller, 2007).

Social constructs:

Such as political constructs, social constructs also hold the position of people where age, ethnicity, social relation, condition of people can impact to determine the people’s position. The different class of people has different level of stratification where class structure of the social system is related directly. The society has shifted rural to urban where rich and poor class emerged. The poorer are suffer more due to lack of social position and facility. The poor old people with disability are highly affected. Social constructs affected the people based on health care such as vulnerable health, scarcity of money, problem related to health, lack of money and other service to cure the diseases. Inequality happens in the society in level of people.  

Economic construct:

The family structure as well as household structure is also decided the social position. The economic condition can understand to analysis the existing policy for growing and the stickiness of economic development in society (Schultz and Wehmeier, 2010). The young mother who has mental sickness can be faced problem due to the impact of economy. The problem of economy can be solved ensuring limited resource to maximise the service in health care.

1.2 Current trends in society in the UK and explaining how these might shape expectations

The current trends in UK society means the social changed took place in UK and the changes can be can categorized with the compare with local as well as international level. The society is going to improve with positive growth of demography that is called the determination of current trends in UK society which is equal to changes. With the influence of social changes the social expectation of the society can be directly related that is current trends of the UK as well as other country.

The personal quality of people has been developed day by day along with skill. The economic growth of the country also helps to change the country as well. There are also developments of modern technology related that proved before in the time of industrial development. If a country becomes technology developed then the country can improve itself more quickly (Business Surveys, 2017). In this regarded, the society has been developed in different fields and the economy can push the society on the way of development in advance level.

The intimacy and bonding of people in particular society can influence the overall changing a society. Social changes are needed because it impacts a society particularly. The London city is more accelerated and developed with the compare of other third word county’s city such as Karachi or Istambul and the both types of changes and social changes can be noticeable. Cultural variable can impact on the mind of a patient, medical care and understanding of people. The meanings of treatment and medical treatment consequences are also impact due to development and culture of a society (Rees et al, 2012). The poor people are depended on the god or lower level of treatment. The economic development decreases the poorer condition and Health and social care service is affected with this and changing pattern of society.

1.3 Cultural values and briefs influence the society

The people have been determined by the culture and the individual religious. People maintain their value and culture of the society and fully obey the existence culture and religious. People always take the best things from their culture to maintain and the religious point of view impacts on the society. The personal point of view arisen from the culture and religious makes the society more diversified and health & home care as well.

The member of society is the element of the society where personal brief and thinking can responsible to change the cultural value and beliefs in a particular society. It is also known to all that personal belief and thinking can impact the overall of the society and it is varied from one individual to other (Brudney et al, 2011). The language, clothing style, food consuming behaviour and other are varied one culture to other culture in different society. People are determining of their own culture, traditional, religious and others anniversaries in a society.

In health and home care, the social position depends on the value of culture and the belief system based on the social perspective. The traditional issues are also impact on the culture of a society and cultural value of country is also influenced the society. The political ideology and home care is also changed the thought.

1. 4 Implications of changes in society on the health and social care sector

There is no doubt regarding to social change impact the change in health and social care setting. The development of technology, treatment increasing, demand increasing, quality improve, economic development, political influences and other choices for patients are important factor for changes. The society has been changing in dynamic way where it is race and poor people always keep behind. Poor people are suffered more in society in every situation. The higher level and maximum benefits have been taken by the affluent people with all things. The health and social care become threaten where people are not properly cared by the central or local government. If the medical cost has increased then the demand for poor people becomes decreased (Iversen et al, 2012). In this regarded poor people do not cope up with the treatment cost. Resources in health and social care are called responsible things for service provision. Access in health and social care and services is impacted on social changes in opening new dimension.

2.2 Theoretical perspectives underpin these reports and analyzing the social inequalities

The analysis of social inequality is essential to study where it is explored the presence of unequal opportunities along with other facility existing in different social position on people in a group or society. The social inequality has been made and structured due to impact on unequal treatment and distribution of resource, goods, facility, punishment, access and other. For citing example, it can be said in UK, due to racism a condition where access of service, facility, right is unfairly distributed among the people in society based on race. The inequality also has seen in health and social sectors. The entire social factor in a particular society, cultural factor affects the people and group of people.  

There are many factor related to the health and social inequality based on their social position and class. This impact of inequality is not only happened based on the social class, but also there are some other factors such as age, sex, gender, ethnicity, disability and other health condition. The local government takes proper initiative to minimise this inequality and this step taken before going to major problem (Golden and Earp, 2012). The social position has to be under controlled ensuring equality by making rules and legislating in society.

To ensure the power of group of people, male treatment has to be minimised where the female treatment has to be increased.  The power distribution in society has to be accelerated based on the social framework. For equal treatment, a sociologist tries to make equality in distributing wealth. Government has to increase job facility and employment to solve the problem of people. 

The power relation is also important to analysis to make out the social inequality where it is varied based on individual characteristic and other kind of perspective (Golden and Earp, 2012). The political system as well as the economic systems in a society is also considered as power based in the consensus theory. These hold power to change the society that can be helpful on power group and constructed the society stronger than the others.

2.1 Explaining inequalities exist in health and social care

In health and social care setting, it is noticed that there are potential differentiation among the statistics and current trends. There is not equal to the health and social services seen by the analysis the data. The data shows the inequalities in health care service in London that come from different perspective for making different issues.

Some inequalities have been found in UK society where the higher class people’s children are usually addicted to drags compare to the lower class of people and the numbers of people are also higher class taking drags that can be treat as threaten for the society people. In this society the position of people also differ based on class to their lifestyle, present condition, behavior and life expectancy (Marten et al, 2014). The people who are in lower class cannot access more support and do not get scope in health care and social service but higher class people get more access and support considering to health and social care services. The birth rate is lower in higher class people’s society where the number is higher in poor people. The economic factors also take scope than other factor of the society.

Life expectancy at birth (2013-2014): It is noticed there are particular life expectancy level in whole country.

This chat for Male and female member of society

Life expectancyMaleFemale
Kensington and Chelsea82.6 years 
Tower hamlets77.5 years 
Health life expectancy at birth (2012-2014) 
Tower hamlets53.6 years 
Richmond upon Thames71.2 years71.2 years
Barking and Dagenham 55.5 years
Infant mortality (2011-2013)
2001-03 5.7 per 1,000 live births
2011-13 per 1,000 live births
Homes lessens (2012-2013)
2008-2009   3.14 per 1,000
2012-2013     5.03 per 1,000

Source: Marten et al (2014)

3.2 Social and health issues are socially constructed

It is called health and health care service is a social construction. This construction mainly constructed based on the fact. In social care, social construct is better for individual and group people in the particular society. People who come from upper class can maintain and protective initiative against diseases and the lower class people are failed in this perspective. The poorer people do not get access to treatment their diseases based on their culture as well as own perspective. The values of society depend on the stratification system and this is essential for society to make in social perspective. In education system attainment in the year of 2013-2014 is 56.8% in England where 61.4% in London (Czyzewski, 2015).

The people do not think naturally about their idea and real meaning of social construct and health. Social care service and other things come from the cultural trend and habit of people where individual background is also responsible.

2.3 Analyzing inequalities exist in health and social care impact on individual health status

Personal point of view and perspective in the health and social care services depend on individual idea and this perspective can be distinct one person to another person because the thinking planning and concept of all people are not equal. So the inequalities in health and social care can be varied that brings different health status and life chances of people in particular society in health and social care. The service can be positive as well as negative considering to different kind of people. The higher class of people hold all the power and try to control the process with their skill, knowledge and ability. On contra, the powerless people cannot get access to give their decision even in taking health care service. In individual perspective relies on medical services as well as health care where the affected people get more priority even if he exists in lower class in the society (Capewell and Graham, 2010). The people get more access than the people who has more capacity to take medical facility and medical services. In this regarded, security is the main things that failed to maintain the problem.

Considering to future, there are different reasons have existed in problem and the problem of birth rate is called the one of the main problem where the rate of higher birth damage the individual health condition and mother health. This brings nutrition problem and it will be great problem especially to the poor people because they are not also accessed to nutrition food and health care for the good health.

The people who existes this level can try heart and soul to meet their desire and needs. The upper class people are assured the good health and social service according to their own power. The female member also not equally treated to access the opportunities and most of the cases it is seen that they live with lack of nutrition (Capewell and Graham, 2010). So gender health is also considerable to individual purposes and tries to solve gender based problem.

Portable pure drinking water and sanitation facility is very essential element for all class of people of the society. A person faces problem if he is not under the facility of portable pure drinking water and sanitation facility. The community has to recover the problems if there is problem and the individual position is important to describe the human behaviour and the health and social care services. The social care setting includes all the things of society that is related to the people considering to inequality in class.

3.1 Sociological concepts and theory to definition of health and well being

Health: Health means the mental as well as physical wellbeing where it is recognized him sounds maintain. Heath helps a man to make perfect healthy condition and it is called that is heath that is wealth. Sound health makes a man healthy without hampering the daily life and other problem that is not general (Coetzee and Klopper, 2010). The sociologist said that health is the condition where it makes a person to keep perfect of any kinds of conditions and the health is help a man free for moving one to another place and free from the mental diseases. On other hand, ill or sick health called the disorder situation of a patient.

Illness: Illness called the opposite of health condition of people where problems have existed in health. The ill health is affected by various ways and can be caused of infection to other. For this health condition, he is called sick man by other.

Disability: Disability is the condition where a person failed to move frequently and disable compare to simple and healthy man in their social trends and social perspectives. They cannot handle their condition and relies on the special care by the family member of social care service (Coetzee and Klopper, 2010).

3.3 Possible implications of social and health issues for health and social care providers

In social and health there are various kinds of issues that can increase with the increase of population and the social care try to handle all the condition based on their initiatives and increase the mobility of population, expectation of work and development of the technologies. Those can be sometime harmful and negative impact for the society (Tew et al, 2011). For the social vocation, it is truly necessary for the advancement and by taking care of the continuous issues, health and social care is truly necessary for the improvement and supplier’s best exercises are truly necessary for the taking care of issues.

The utilization of innovations and intensification of the social plan, the suppliers become more favourable circumstances for the better arrangement of the work and those might be the strong things for the patients and in addition the administrations suppliers of the wellbeing and social care.

3.4 Social and health issues impacts on the health and wellbeing of individual in society

There are various issues that can impact on the health and social issues to the personal and group of people in the society. Unemployment and disability are treated as the great impact on the society that makes stress and more problems to the mental and psychological health.

Smoking and drug use is harmful for the health an there is negative effect on the health much more in present time in UK. The teenage people are more vulnerable group to this in society.

Housing problem also called the other problem that also impact on the society. Migration and transformation causes the problem in the society.  This problem is in effect more genuine from the past and the general population who can’t work for individual and social issues have an awesome issue for the general public. Population problem is responsible to this problem (Tew et al, 2011).

Sociological points of view look at the entire circumstance of a nation and it analyzes the political, social, monetary issues which are identified with society.


Social disparities appear to have had profound effects on the overall population soundness of a general public. It has been found that general strength of the general population has been observed to be poor among those individuals who are subjected to savagery, low social and financial status. A general public with low wellbeing status of individuals is not ready to advance further.


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